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Monday, July 6, 2009

Louisiana Swap Tour

I had always wanted to see the swamps of the south and for the kids to see them as well. so we called a local man, Bryan Champagne who gave us a tour beyond my expectations.

We loaded up in his boat and off we went.

We shared the boat with a couple from Missouri and a family from Germany.

After a few minutes we were deep in the Bayou.

Sean and I shared the front of the boat.

We traveled in depths as shallow as 10 inches.

Watch the video at the end on the post and see how we caught this gator.

Did Sean catch one Too?

Having FUN!

The weather was great.

You would not believe all the wildlife we saw and just how beautiful it was.

The trees were amazing.


Mackenzie with a swamp flower.

Louisiana Swamp Tour from Deacon Pat Kearns on Vimeo.

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