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Monday, July 6, 2009

New Orleans

Liz asked me why in the world did I want to see New Orleans?

As I walked through the streets I began to ask myself the same question.

I guess I didn't realize what it really was.

I imagined hearing music and seeing a piece of history.

What we saw was a dirty portion of the city with a sense of evil, sin, and godlessness.......

Maybe it was the time of day that we traveled through the streets, it was 5:00 pm and maybe the French Quarter will present differently tomorrow morning.....

It was the first time on our trip that we felt unsafe......

These pictures show the streets and the buildings, but cannot show the ambiance. It is not for children or families for sure...... Everywhere we turned there were drunks, and inappropriate behavior.

We found the church but it was closed. We will return in the morning for Mass at 7:30 am
The sign posted on the church.
Taking a break in the square.
With our first negative experience on the trip we decided to call it a night and go to the hotel. We found a great deal at the Iberville Suites.

The hotel is much fancier than we would usually stay at but the price was equal to a much lesser hotel.


Doesn't every one's house look like this? NOT!

The family heading to our room.

The kids enjoying the TV.
Since we don't own one, they always love the chance to catch a show when away from home...... It didn't take long to see why we don't own a TV...... It has even gotten worse over the last 5 + years that we have not had one.
Do people really understand what they have become desensitized from.......

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