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Monday, July 6, 2009

Louisiana Cajun Lunch With Father Chris

Liz met Father Chris through a mutual Facebook friend and we were able to connect with him for lunch today.
Here is Sean and Mackenzie with Father Chris. We asked him where could we get a great Cajun meal and he took us the "Don's Seafood Restaurant."

It wasn't long and we were served our meal.

Father had the Bisque.

Sean had Catfish and Shrimp.

Liz and I split a sampler of: Catfish, Shrimp, Stuffed Crab, Stuffed Crawfish heads, and something else...... I also had a cup of Bisque and a local micro beer.

And Mackenzie went way out on a limb and ordered a Cheeseburger.

The food was great as well as the conversation and the visit.

Thanks for the hospitality Father.....

Sean, did you get enough to eat?


  1. I will have the sampler please! You guys look like your having a lot of fun! Have you ever spent time at a dude ranch? We did that a few years ago...Sam loved the Junior Wrangler program they had. Worked with horses all day, riding, eating...etc.

    Take care, safe journey and God Bless!


  2. actually, it was a bisque :) I had a great time with y'all. Safe travels; pray for me as you pilgrimage!

  3. There's a great seafood restaurant in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Let me know if you are going that way.

  4. He's a pastor. All pastor's love a good meal and love them doubly when they are F R E E!!