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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our final road trip - Heading Home!

We pulled out of Idaho early in the morning, everyone is excited to get home......For Liz and I, we are looking forward to the comfort of our own home. For the kids....they are looking forward to seeing their friends.

So off we go....... A lot of road to cover today, about 650 miles.

What beautiful scenery.

More and more road.
Thank God for Sean!
We figured that I (Pat) drove 4000 miles this trip, Sean drove 3000 miles, and Liz drove 1000 miles.

It is starting to look a lot like home.

I see Mount Lassen, we are getting close.

On the home stretch

Liz and I were just reflecting on the trip. There were some very remarkable things that had happened by spending a whole month together as a family and exploring, praying, and playing together. The graces that we received we so abundant we a very thankful.
We received over and over from so many different people, clear and direct confirmations on some very big life decisions.
I will disclose more after a few days, but for now, We will rest. I am back to work in the morning. Once again God, we thank you for the clear direction and message that you gave to us over this past month. We will follow you.......

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