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Monday, July 27, 2009

Montana to Idaho

We stayed at Liz's Childhood Best Friend's (Toni) house last night.

Sean relaxing

Liz and Toni cooking something special for breakfast (I think I am scared).

What is it?

Biscuits and gravy..... But what kind of gravy is that?

Should she try it or not

Chocolate gravy

Go for it Sean!

It really was Delicious.

Then we took off...... On the road again!

We hit a huge thunder storm at the rest stop.

Go Mackenzie you can make it!

I just love driving through Montana and all the rivers that run aside the roads.
It makes me want to break out the fishing pole.

It was a long day of travel, 3 hours to Bozeman to visit Liz's cousin Joe and his family for lunch and then we drove to Idaho until 9pm.

Arriving in Idaho

Our final night of the pilgrimage - we decided to stay at a hotel.

Where is the phone!
We are starving, lets order some food quick.

I heard a knock, get the door...... the food is here.

Did we over order?

pajamas, hot food, and a comfortable bed.....

That was a whole pizza 2 minutes ago!

Hey - who ate all the hot wings!

What kind of dessert do you eat in Idaho.

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