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Friday, July 3, 2009

Loretto Chapel - Santa Fe, New Mexico

Ever since I heard about the miracle at the Loretto Chapel in New Mexico
I had always wanted to see it.
Here is the beautiful Chapel where the miracle happened.

When the building was almost finished someone noticed that while the chapel was beautiful, as was the choir loft, there was no way to get from one to other.

The sisters summonded carpenter after carpenter who told them that a 21 foot staircase in such a small space could simply not be built.

Why not tear down the choir loft and begin again, both a daunting and heartbreaking task.

The sisters began to pray to Saint Joseph .

In answer a grey haired man with a donkey and tool chest came to the convent and asked if he might have a try at building what would be known as the Miraculous Staircase.

When the work was complete the man simply disappeared as suddenly as he appeared and couldn’t be found to accept any pay for the job.

Nor was there any charges for lumber at the local lumber yard.

The Loretto Chapel

There is no center support. To this day engineers do not understand how it supports weight.......

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