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Monday, July 20, 2009

Family - Family - Family

Almost to Detroit Michigan......... Do you think Michigan has something to do with cars?

We drove by "8 Mile Road," doesn't mean anything to me, but I am told it is famous and has something to do with Eminem, go figure!

Here we are with my Dad's brother "Buster." The last remaining brother of the 6 boys. My dad went to heaven 15 years ago and looking at Buster brings back so many memories, looking at his eyes was just like looking at my Dad's. I sure miss my Dad! He was the greatest man I even knew. I love you Dad.

Here is my Cousin Joan with her Dad. Boy does she love her dad, all his girls sure love him.

Two handsome men....... Must be in the genes, sorry girls, we are taken!

Time for a swim

Don't you just love families?
Lets have a backyard bonfire.

A little rain can't hurt ya!

What, did you say it is storming, nah, just helping stoke the fire.

Hurry Mackenzie, get under the umbrella, you might float away......

Just a sprinkle, it will blow over!
My other cousin, Kelly just bought a house a year ago down the street.
She took us to her house, it is beautiful.

The kids playing in the basement.
Basements are VERY COOL for California kids since we don't have them.

Mackenzie playing video games

Joan has the most beautiful garden

The colors were so remarkable.

Front yard

Front yard

Back yard

The view from the front porch

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