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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Catholic Familyland - Monday

We started the day with the Holy Mass.
Here I am with Deacon Randy.
He is one of the only 6 Deacons in the diocese.
What a special and holy man he is.......

Deacon Randy, Father Kevin, Deacon Pat

Check out all the Altar Boys

After Mass all the kids break up into groups and spend some time together

learning and sharing the faith.

There goes one group.

The little ones love the play gym.

While the kids were gone we heard a few messages

And a wonderful talk about Catholic Hope.

Mackenzie and Liz getting ready to ride the horses.

Doesn't this picture just say "I was meant to live in Ohio."

I think I forgot something!

The Kearns girls (Mac and Mom)

Here they go!

I wonder what horse I will Get?

Do you think they are wondering what rider they will get, I think one looked at me and said "No- Not the big fat guy!"

safety first

Go Mackenzie

Check out the trail ride

Sean and I joined the softball tournament

Sean at shortstop

Sean could sure hit the ball

It was so much fun

The crowd

Dad's team ended up in second place

In the evening we had a bonfire and made smores.

Everyone had a great time.

The smallest kids had the longest sticks.

M y beautiful wife

Beautiful children

My little friend Liam

All the Moms leading a decade of the rosary

All the teenagers leading a decade of the rosary

Great people!

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