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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time to Prepare the "Truck"

We began to think about the trip and asked ourselves "where are we going to put all of our stuff?"
Half of the time we will be camping, and the other time we will either be in Hotels or staying with Family.
Yes, it would be easy to throw the gear in the back of the truck, but what about when we leave the truck.
Sean and Dad stated "We will build a secure storage container" and off they went...... Tools came flying out from everywhere, recycled wood from projects of old was located, unused hardware confiscated, and the neighbor's kids even showed up.
Saws were cutting, screws being screwed, nails being pounded.
I think they even thought they knew what they were doing......

Hey, this is starting to look pretty good, but don't tell the guys that..... You know "big heads."

"Go to town" Dad.......

Break Time.... Did someone say "Guinness?"

Great Storage area.

Final performance check by Sean.

Two men proud of their work.

Mission accomplished, 4 hours later and only $32 out of pocket expense.

Looking Good.

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